A Greener Tomorrow

Partnering with CARBONTEK USAwww.carbontekusa.com

We are excited to join CarbonTek USA in providing a TRUE eco-friendly solution to emissions. Our system works on gas or diesel vehicles and equipment. No harmful chemicals are used and no dismantling is necessary. This process is 100% green!

Oxy-hydrogen gas is created through electrolysis and fed into the engine via the air intake. The gas reacts with carbon deposits transforming the carbon into hydrocarbon gas. The hydrocarbon gas is then exhausted out of the vehicle.

The results are: lower emissions, potential fuel mileage improvement, improved vehicle responsiveness, and a smoother running engine. All of which can lead to a reduction of vehicle expense.

If green is your thing, you’re going to love this machine!

Local testimonials:

“Guardian did a service on my 2008 Sterling wrecker. Since then, it drives really good. It doesn’t smoke like it was. I’m getting better power, response, and fuel mileage. I would recommend it to everyone.” ~Scott N. – Just Hauler Towing & Recovery

“I’m glad I agreed to have Dave come to demo a unit. CARBONTEK has done their homework on this process. I really bought in after looking at the data and testimonials. They’ve seen improvements on a variety of vehicles and equipment both in and outside of the U.S. We will work to build upon and expand their successes.” ~Shelly G. – Guardian Off-Road

“I was skeptical at first until we serviced our JLG. After one service, I noticed the turbo spool up is a lot quicker and the throttle response is a lot faster.” ~Kevin G.; Guardian Off-Road

Coming Soon: Atmos-Clear On-Demand Fuel Systemwww.atmos-clear.com