About Us

Guardian Off-Road is a family-owned business that’s been in the making for quite some time. Being the wife of a service tech that has literally worked on every inhabited continent has been its own unique experience. I’ve spent many days, nights, weeks, keeping our home running while Kevin traveled the globe making money for companies that didn’t always appreciate his talent nor understand the scope of what he could actually achieve when given the opportunity. All the while, I kept saying that we needed to just do it ourselves. Our experience has been primarily from the manufacturer side. Manufacturers look at service as an expense. I see it differently. Service can be revenue if done right.

What does “done right” mean? For me, it means listening to the customer for the real problem. Troubleshooting to get to the root of the issue. Working efficiently to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Most importantly, doing it right is to actually solve the problem. Too many times, I’ve heard powers that be suggest quick fixes to just get the machine out the door. We won’t do that. We will return machines that are repaired.

Guardian Off-Road is a company built by a road tech’s family. Our family has witnessed the good and the bad of the heavy equipment industry. After years of watching, listening, and learning, we are going to put all of those experiences to use. Kevin has told me for years that I know more than I realize about this industry. It’s time to see. I do know that my family’s experiences offer us a different perspective on what heavy equipment service should be.

The family perspective sets us apart as an employer. Our techs’ experiences set us apart in the service industry. Ag, Asphalt, Construction, Ground Support, Heavy Haul, Highway, Mining, and Snow Removal: We’ve got a guy for that. Guys that will do the job right because they don’t know any other way to do it. Guys that understand the significance of what they do, the human as well as the financial significance.

Who are we? We are a tech’s family building a family of techs to take care of heavy equipment. Any heavy equipment.

~Shelly Gaddis, President

Our Mission: Guardian Off-Road promises to provide fair-priced, timely, reliable service to all customers to minimize downtime.